Reminder: Next meetup on Oct 24

It’s again 4th Tuesday! Remember, 6 p.m. the usual place (suggestions of alternative venues welcome but it’s too late to change the location for tomorrow’s *looks at the clock* today’s meetup).

Some possible topics of discussion below.

Some recent posts from Scott’s blog:

“if you want to know, let’s say, whether you can succeed as a physicist, then surely the best way to find out is to start studying physics and see how well you do”.

(related: ; also applicable to other fields.)

Then there’s was a couple of posts I admit I have not read:

And somewhere else on the internet:

Also, Francois Chollet argues that all recent talk about AGI is “throwing sands in our eyes”  (warning, it’s link to Twitter).

Meanwhile, later today I read a newspiece that tells Aalto and HY are together going to found a brand new Finnish Centre for Artificial Intelligence (link in FI). Wow!

…I was very excited for about 5 minutes, but then I looked at the names of the professors involved and apparently the new FCAI project would be more accurately described as rebranding of current HIIT machine learning and data science research efforts, rather than something truly new. And thus I tuned my level of interest down by maybe 30%. (It’t still quite exciting but not that exciting. Is this how it feels to have sand thrown in your eyes?)

Maybe Chollet is right, at least in the sense that the increasing proliferation of buzzword “AI” is more harmful than beneficial because of all the confusion it creates?

Other topics are welcome! These are merely starters / suggestions.

– A

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