Upcoming non-SSC activities in Helsinki area, pt II

We still don’t have any organized talks or activities in addition to the regular social meetups, but here is (again) a list of some public organized activities that 1) I’ve heard of and 2) touch the SSC-thoughtsphere in some way, and thus might (or might not) interest people here. All events are in Finnish.

Want to add something? Add your comment below / send email.

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Pre-meetup post: January 2018

Hello everyone!

This is the pre-meetup news + links collection for the years first meetup (tomorrow, Tuesday January 23rd).

1. First things first, I hope everyone has by now heard about the changed location for the January meetup.

2. As already noted, we are now listed on Meetup.com to improve our discoverability. (You don’t have to use it if you have discovered us already, though!)

3. Below I have listed some possible talking points. You are welcome to ignore it; it is a list of suggestions, not an official program. A quick review of SSC mothership blog-posts of past month (for the benefit of people who have not read them) + some other items I thought that were interesting.

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Quick update: new Meetup.com page

Hello everyone!

First, please remember the next meet on January 23!

Secondly, after several inquiries by some members about having a Meetup.com presence for our meetup, I finally agreed to do something about it: as of today, we are listed on Meetup.com!

The previous communication channels (blog, google group email list) will continue as previously, but in future you will also find our future meetups advertised at www.meetup.com/Helsinki-Slate-Star-Codex-Readers-Meetup/.

– A

December un-meetup notes + links

As everyone knows by now[1],  the scheduled “official” December meetup didn’t happen (because Boxing day is not a conductive date for meetups in Finland); I’m not aware of any less official meetups taking place either.

([1] I hope everyone got the message about that?)

As things stand, it maybe does not make much sense to post the regular pre/post-meetup notes. But what I’m supposed to do with all these interesting links!? Here is your meetup notes, sans the meetup:


  1. SSC past month highlights
  2. Other random links (Public Food in Finland; AskReddit on visual snow and others; BBC Shipping Forecast.)

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Post-meetup summary write-up / Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Thanks to everyone who attended the meetup yesterday; I hope everyone had fun! ^_^

Yet again, here is your post-meetup notes.

Contents of this post:

  1. Important thing no 1: Communication methods
  2. Important thing no 2: Locations
  3. Important thing no 3: December meetup
  4. Regular post-meetup notes

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